Cholesterol & Heart Disease

For decades, cholesterol has been demonized as bad, and the main cause of heart disease.  

This idea might have been understandable given the available science 50 years ago, but recently, evidence DOES NOT support this argument. 


So WHAT exactly is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance that occurs naturally in your body.

Many people think that cholesterol is harmful, but the truth is that it's essential for your body to function.

Cholesterol contributes to the membrane structure of every cell in your body.

Your body also needs it to make hormones and vitamin D, as well as perform various other important functions. Simply put, you COULD NOT survive without it.

Your body makes all the cholesterol it needs, but it also absorbs a relatively small amount of cholesterol from certain foods, such as eggs, meat, and full-fat dairy products.



Lipoproteins are made of fat (lipid) on the inside & protein on the outside.

The two most...

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4 Remedies To help With Thyroid Function

hacks hormones nutrition Nov 14, 2019

Thyroid issues can be tricky to manage and in my experience with clients, having thyroid dysfunction can leave you feeling a little hopeless.

But you can still manage your symptoms and still see great success in your health and fitness journey!

While remedies are not guaranteed to cure thyroid dysfunction or severe issues of Hashimoto's, hypothyroidism, or hyperthyroidism.

They can help with overall thyroid function possible reverse symptoms and improve
overall function.

Let's dive in!!

REMEDY #1: Get Plenty Of Iodine, Selenium, & Zinc

Best food sources of Iodine are; seaweed, dulse, kelp, raw dairy, wild-caught fish, & some fermented grains.

Foods highest in selenium are; Brazil nuts, spinach, yellowfin tuna or halibut, canned sardines, grass-fed beef, turkey, and beef liver.

The best sources of zinc & b vitamins are; animal proteins (beef, turkey, eggs, etc.), which also provide much-needed amino acids, as well as certain anti-inflammatory plants like green...

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6 Ways to Naturally Sleep Better at Night

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2019

 Sleep is such a misunderstood topic. 

We all think that sleep is something we don't need to focus on because we can always make it up. 

We'll studies have shown that if you miss out on sleep you can't make it up without actually getting more sleep. 

So if you miss 3 hours of sleep you will actually have to get 3 more hours of sleep at some point to get that back. 

But getting more sleep isn't all we can do. The QUALITY of sleep does matter as well. 

Making your that you can get a full night sleep without interruption can be a huge game-changer. 

Here are 6 tips to help improve your quality of sleep. 


Cell phones, TVs, Computer screens, and Tablets all emit blue light. Bluelight is what your brain uses to determine whether it is light or dark out. having the blue light on to close to bedtime can throw off your circadian rhythm and leave you feeling awake longer than planned.


TIP #...

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5 Ways to Improve your Gut Health

digestion hacks nutrition Oct 31, 2019

Gut health has been a hot topic lately and while almost everyone can benefit from improving their gut health I feel like a lot of people over-diagnose themselves.

Not everyone has candida or leachy gut so let's stop implementing crazy restriction/elimination diets when they probably aren't necessary. 

When a client comes to me with pretty bad IBS and gut issues I will take them through these 5 simple tips before we decide to get crazy. 

90% of the time implementation of these tips will dramatically improve there gut health. 

It's important to note that you SHOULD NOT implement all of these at once. 

Start with one. See how it works. Then move on to the next. 

This approach enables you to really assess what is actually working and what is probably just wasting there time. 


TIP #1: Remove Inflammatory Foods

Remove all foods that might be creating an inflammatory response. The less inflamed your gut/body is te better your digestion is gonna be....

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5 Tips To Nail Your Macro Targets

hacks nutrition tips Oct 23, 2019

Nailing your macros can be tough :/...


We all struggle in the beginning to hit the perfect protein, fat, and carbohydrate
intake. Trying to juggle all these can feel a little overwhelming for sure.


And if you have talked to or been one of my clients then you definitely know the feeling when you see RED in your spreadsheet. It's not very fun...


So here, I want to give you 5 tips that will help you be sure you can hit your macro targets with easy!!



Planning ahead can truly be the single biggest game-changer when
it comes to nailing your macro targets.

Now when I say planning ahead people always assume they have
to meal prep or prep food in advance. And yes while prepping food
in advance can really help a lot and if that's something you enjoy
doing and helps you stay on track I say go for it!

I personally always prep food each night for the following day but
I know a lot of people that prep food for multiple days or the whole
week. So just...

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Could stress be why you can't lose weight?

food hunger stress Oct 11, 2019

It's pretty common for a client to come to me and express that they are eating less than 1,000 calories a day. 


One of the first things I try to explain is hat they are vastly under consuming food for optimal health. 


They always come back with, "but I'm never hungry. Idk how I can eat any more food?"


Why is this? Why is it that someone drastically under consuming food compared to there BMR simply is never hungry?


One of the most common factors that play into this happening is that these types of people are usually very high-stress people. 


Yes, stress can play a major role in your overall hunger and satiety. 


This typically happens because of the two main states of the body...


The Parasympathetic & Sympathetic States.


Two main states operated by the autonomic nervous system of the body. 


The Parasympathetic State, also known as the "Rest & Digest" is responsible for conserving energy,...

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What Does It Mean To Have Good Nutrition?

fitness heaalth nutrition Oct 09, 2019

The word good can be so subjective. 

To one person good could be a 10 out of 10, while good to another person might mean the are just getting by. 

So what really is good nutrition? Is it having the perfect paleo diet that consists of only whole natural foods? Or, is it a diet that contains whatever you want as long as its withing macro targets. 

Personally I believe that neither of these answers is right. having good nutrition can be a combination of a lot of different factors;


1. Good nutrition should control energy balance.

a well-balanced diet should enable you to have a steady keel of energy all day. You shouldn't be having crazy ups and downs in energy. Good nutrition fuels your body, mentally and physically and should enable you to be focused and energized. 

2. Good nutrition gives us nutrients.

Good nutrition contains a balanced profile of macronutrients (protein, fat, & carbs). but it also provides us with plenty of micronutrients as well...

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Can Exercise Really Make You Happier?

happiness lifestye Oct 07, 2019

We have all heard that exercise can improve mood and make you feel better. But how does it actually do this? Here are a few quick facts that you might not know!!


1. Supporting Neurotransmitters:

Exercise may help boost serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and some cognitive function.


2.) Boosting Endorphins

Exercise can give you a short burst of endorphins, a chemical in the brain that blocks pain and produces a natural high.


3. Reducing Inflammation

Man types of exercise can lower inflammation, a potential cause for depression.


4. Decreasing Stress

Exercise can be a great antidote for stress. which has been linked to depression perhaps owing to the body's inflammatory stress response.


Now one important thing I do want to bring up is that while exercise can be a stress relief to one person it might be a stressor to the next. So it's important to know yourself and know what your stressors are.

One important thing to remember is...

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