5 Tips To Nail Your Macro Targets

hacks nutrition tips Oct 23, 2019

Nailing your macros can be tough :/...


We all struggle in the beginning to hit the perfect protein, fat, and carbohydrate
intake. Trying to juggle all these can feel a little overwhelming for sure.


And if you have talked to or been one of my clients then you definitely know the feeling when you see RED in your spreadsheet. It's not very fun...


So here, I want to give you 5 tips that will help you be sure you can hit your macro targets with easy!!



Planning ahead can truly be the single biggest game-changer when
it comes to nailing your macro targets.

Now when I say planning ahead people always assume they have
to meal prep or prep food in advance. And yes while prepping food
in advance can really help a lot and if that's something you enjoy
doing and helps you stay on track I say go for it!

I personally always prep food each night for the following day but
I know a lot of people that prep food for multiple days or the whole
week. So just figure out what works best for you and your

Besides prepping food in advance we can that next step and actually log your food in advance as well. If you're trying to hit macro targets you are most likely using some form of an app to track and log your food.

We can use this to our advantage by going in at night and logging in the following day's meals. This enables you to make sure that you have everything planned out and that if you do need to make adjustments to your day you can do so before
the next day starts.




When deciding how to put meals together we should always be trying to make/eat “balanced meals”. Balanced meals are meals that contain Protein, Fat, and Carbs.


Eating balanced meals with ensuring that we are getting a balanced macronutrient profile throughout the day, making sure that we do not favor one macronutrient and cause ourselves to have to play catch up towards the end of the day. 




Snacks are considered foods that contain one macronutrient.

Things like jerky might only contain protein, where things like chips, rice cakes, or fruit might only contain carbohydrates.

Eating lots of snacks will have your macros favoring one direction and leaving you having to play catch up down the road.


Tip #3 goes hand & hand with tip #2. making sure we are consuming balanced meals while avoiding snacking will ensure that we get a balance Macro profile all day. 


Playing catch up sucks... I promise. I don't know if you have ever had to eat 10oz of chicken with withing else at the end of the day because you were low on protein... but its no fun. So let's try to avoid that:).


TIP #4: Log Your Essential Nutrients First


What are the essential macronutrients for survival?


So let's make sure we nail all those down first. Log all your protein and fat foods in for the day before we decide to fill in the gaps with carbohydrates.


This helps make sure that you aren't overconsuming one of these at any given meal. Not that there is anything wrong with that, protein and fat are also the most satiating so trying to consume huge portions of these at one time can be a little overwhelming and cause you to feel full. 


Logging these in first and making sure they are evenly spread out throughout the day can really help. 




I will never tell anyone to miss out on quality family time where you guys go out and enjoy a nice restaurant meal. But if you are pursuing specific goals that require you to hit specific macro targets this can be challenging.


So we should take some time, look up the menu online, and find out what we have available to eat. Once you have decided what you are planning on eating let's log it into our tracker first.


You can actually search the restaurant and that food might actually come up, or you can do your best to log in what is most likely gonna be in that meal.

From there once we have the one meal that is inevitable logged into our tracker we can now plan the rest of our day around that to hit our targets. Adjusting breakfast and lunch to account for the dinner you will be having out.


This ensures that you can still stay on track and enjoy your night out. 

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