Anthony Santana

Certified Nutritionist | Personal Trainer | Owner fo ACE Nutrition

Hey I'm Anthony! But I'm sure you already know that lol. 

Depending on how you got here, You probably already know that I'm a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and washed up MotoX Racer.

But here are some things you probably didn't know...

Growing up as a kid I was picked on a lot for being overweight. 

Growing up I also played a lot of sport and originally got into fitness to improve my skills on the football field and on my dirtbike. 

But ended up enjoying being in the gym a lot more than playing sports. 

Fitness truly changed my life and gave me the confidence I never had.

But there was also a dark side...

Going through my fitness journey I was only ever educated on what not to eat. 

This mixed with my fear of ever being fat again drove me to have a horrible relationship with myself and food. 

I took fitness to a place no one ever needs too.

Exercising 5-6 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Only consuming chicken, spring salad mix, and zero-calorie dressing 3 times a day.

Never eating out and even bringing home-cooked meals in Tupperware to restaurants with my family. 

I had completely transformed my body. I walked around at 3% body fat with veins and muscles everywhere.

From the outside friends, family, and people around me could see I was either dedicated or obsessed but the reality was I was scared...

I was scared to look in the mirror and see even a small amount of fat on my body. 

I was scared one day people were gonna make fun of me again. 

And I was scared that if I stopped, people wouldn't give me the same attention i had gained. 

My body defined who I was. It was the only thing I had to offer and show for... so i thought.  

And while on the outside I looked like I had would have all the confidence in the world, on the inside it was so a much different. 

On the inside, I was scared and insecure about the way I looked. 

On the inside, I would tell myself every day that I was fat and disgusting.

On the inside, I was never good enough and always had to do more.  

This continued on for years until one day through an injury forcing me to to stop working out things went down hill.

So I decided to take my eating disorder to the next level and just not eat...

Some days I wouldn't eat at all. Other days I might have one chicken salad and a handful of almonds. 

This was definitely a form of anorexia that I simply wasn't aware of at the time. 

So why am I telling you all this?

Because after pulling myself out of anorexia I realized that there probably were a lot more people into health and fitness just like me.

More people out there that struggled with their own body image. 

More people out there that were miss informed on what a healthy actually is. 

More people out there that let "health and fitness" control their life like it did mine.

So I had to pay it forward. 

I jumped into the fitness space to help change people's perspective on what wellness, health and fitness really is.

To show people that achieving your weight loss goals doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your life in order to get there. 

And to show people that health and fitness are here to improve your quality of life instead of taking it over. 

So for 6+ years now, I have made it my mission to improve people's lives physically, mentally, and emotionally and honestly I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! 

So whether you are struggling with all the same things i did or you're just looking to take your body to the next level. I'm your guy and here at ACE nutrition we are looking to change the fitness space FOREVER.


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